Is the kind of art about color, graphic , illustration and imagination . Pop art it can be a realistic like human or something around us and some kind of abstract so Pop art is a direct descendant of Dadaism in the way it mocks the established art world by appropriating images from the street and presents it as art in itself.

Andy Warhol , Roy Lichtenstein Whaam & Richard Hamilton

       The three artist they have so different style from Warhol his work is something around us like famous art work is call ‘Soup cans’ that the same as picture you see he show us a same appearance of a can but taste was so dissimilar i think he want to show his everyday meal maybe he does not like or like it and in my opinion i think he try all taste of soup next is Lichtenstein his work is a oil and Magna. His work is so comic and when you look in his work i think you have to read his comic first you will understand the situation than the character got. Hamilton art work when i look at picture is mean sexualities , confident and human life.

      First painting is about the man with green eye color painting with many color like blue , red , orange and yellow when i look at the man eye it like are him angry me or not? i like the color was so contrast. second painting was a girl with a red nail and lipstick this painting have only red , white , grey and black in my opinion the artist was to show beauty trend now a day that mean the woman have more brave to show they confident with the make up.

            In my opinion Pop arts influence is something that we see everyday we can feel about. Modern art in the would today i think it stay between advertising ,money and law but now a day  we have many way to show our work to the world and some art work are changing the world it can be worst or better the result is from people who stand and see that work.



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