Sainsbury Centre


   On Tuesday November 15th I went to Sainsbury Centre for the visual art,Norwich .In there it have many amazing art work that make me feel impress so i will show some example of art work i like first is ‘Masi’ this art work





 Sir Everand Im Thurn, Governor of Fiji 1904-1911.

     Club it made by wood and now stayed in Fiji Museum . This is a wood like a lamp shape like a lamp floor or it similar like wand shape was quit long and in the bottle look like a flower or mushroom colour is brown. Style it similar like Chinese traditional decorations like they put in a house in the picture I can see a dark tone between conner and body.



Collected by A. von Hügel, 1875-77. Z 2906

 Fishing basket it made by coconut leaf , hibiscus fibre in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge. This style is something like when we catch a fish so we put it in there and line and shape is like a half circle with a geometric.I see something similar went go to pound that some one catch the fish .


Collected by Sir A. Gordon, 1875-80. Z 2943

     Cuttlefish lure it made by shell, stone,coir,cane in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge. This style is something like a necklace to ware in the neck and colour was brown and yellow in this picture I see  many detail in there like line and cluve.


Presented to Sir A. Gordon by Ratu Tevita Madigibuli, 1876. 1955.247

    Hook  it made by wood and coir in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge.It a wood it similar like a lamp that was stuck in the wall and it was quite tradition and color was brown. I see it in the top you can put a incense on it on hang it on the wall and put lamp under so you will see something was different.


19th Century

      Temple  it made by coir, reed in Museum of Archaeolgy and And Anthropology,Cambridge. This style was like a temple like it in they name and the color was a red wood  in the picture I see like a wood house. This one it seem like when they make they put a lot of lop for make something like this.


Greenock in the 1870s.

Double-hulled Sailing Canoe it made by wood coir in Private Collection. This style it similar like a boat and colour was a red wood. Body was quite long.I think this one is a classic one from the old sailing boat that material they use it cheap and easy to find so that can use it but now that use some material much more stronger.



        All this picture that make me remember when I was young that see my cousin they was use in and it inspire me for my project some of them is call a product example like a double-hulled sailing canoe this one can use it and easy to make it more than boat now a day so that me inspire me to make in other way still can classic like this but much stronger than.Now I am study in Product design in my opinion everything I choose was make me feel I want to make product like this but more useful and not just be decoration.


Compare And Contrast






-Typography           – Drawing

– Sepia Colour         – Black&white

– Portraits


The Shaping of ‘New Visions’ was take a shot  with a camera by El Lissitzky in 1910. This photography it kind of black and white but mix with a little sepia colour and you will see a big circle in the middle when i look at first it make me feel to stand out of the picture. It have 3 typography fonts that was X,Y and Z with black colour. Next picture was portrait of Goldstein by Edvard Munch in 1908 in my opinion i think he use with a pencil. The line was a bit messy but beautiful and this portrait had only line no shading or any colour. the similar of two portrait a model was a man and tone of colour the point of colour was black and  the difference first one was a photography and second  on was a drawing , hairstyle and feeling of a model.





‘ New Visions’

-by El Lissitzky

-in 1910

-relation to Dada, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Constructivism, New Objectivity, Conceptual, and Post-Conceptual art

-The Conquest of Art (1922)

-over 250 works from MoMA’s collection



-by Edvard Munch

-in 1908

-Wilhem Goldstein

-Transfer lithograph

-Drawings and Prints

Conceptual Art And Land Art

Conceptual Art And Land Art


    Conceptual Art is abstract art and meaning it not very clear so you have to think what a real meaning it going  to be and Land Art it something like a landscape but landscape it quite photography but Land art it a kind of art with change a bit style , tone and colour.

This two art work it’s so difference style left hand you will see picture is a girls and in her arm she hold a cat in this picture it look like a upside down so you will see a girl her back is stick with a ceiling it look like a horror film name The Exorcist make me feel a bit scary. Kind of painting I think is oil painting just for looking this painting was beautiful next is land art in photo is a stone similar like a foot step I like this photo because it’s illustrate something about life step be step you will see a small foot first and big bigger biggest. This two art work is not new style but there ideal it interesting  in my opinion they want to show something about life went we grow up everyday.


This art work is from Michael Heizer is in 1972 . I’m not sure what material did he use but his work was so iconic and I think  this one it make in a desert it similar like place that people make turbine and you will see the shadow is appearance look very long and move not straight. I think did art work is influence me about how to use shade and shadow because this photo colour shade of colour is quite similar is brown,beige and have a blue.


This one is my photo from fine art project that I want to tell about some situation we have to be quite have listen what are other people thinking or doing or stay quite maybe is the safe way for a bad situation.






Product Design



In my opinion Product design is about something it making for use more than just look and nothing.



CAM ( computer – aided design)

Software is used by architects , engineers , drafters , artists other to create precision drawing or technical illustration. CDA software can be used to create two-dimensional (2-D) drawings or three-dimensional(3D) models and is the use of computer system to aid in the creation, moditication , analysis of a design.


CAN (computer-aided manufactor)

Is the use of software of control machine tods and related in the manufactoring of workpieces. This is not the only definition for CAM but it is the most common , CAM many also refer to the use of a computer to assist in all operation of a manufacturing.




Lighting Effects


I learn many kind of light so see what they from and what it happen when they effect one thing to other. It have Shadow , Diffused light, Ilumination, Back lighting, Overhead,underlit,color filtered light, pattern light,reflected light, daylight,borrowed light and luminescence. My favourite is color filtered light because when the light is going on the effect or shadow was differnt.




Materials Experiments

I do many style of it call “OSBORN” is was the style how to make lamps like layer , break , mould , join ect. so i choses Tessellate to me my final project. It was interesting to fold a paper in amazing shape.



Final Project

My final project is something like a traditional chinese lamps with a red colour i try to fold a paper in a triangle and put it all together i like to make it look abstract so i splash a colour.



Graphic Design Rotation



For me Graphic&illustration is about something are doing with color , line and computer program. Have to create a new ideal all the time.



I have 5 artist research 2 is from graffiti 2 from tattoo artist and 1 from photographer. Felipe Pantone is my first artist he is an kinetic art , installations and graffiti. When i looks at his work it so amazing to see something contrast if you look at his art work you will see color was so different tone. His art work style was very iconic and beautiful next  is JR he is a photographer his work normally take a photo some part of face with black and white it quite unique when he put many photo that he take stay together. DAIM he was a Germany Graffiti artist his art work was remain me about Transformer movie it something Technology and unreal. Big meal and BJ BETTS they was a tattoo artist they prefer to do a letter style and color it simple like grey and black when you look at his work you will never bored or want to change style in every time you look a it reason why i chose because i like a tattoo i want to put it in to my body.


Fitz William museum


I went to the Fitz william Museum they have a rule to follow that is you can’t take a photo only sketch so i have to sketch a letter , prop cops and illustration after that i do a research from many artist to see how the different about classic and modern illustration from classic style was brown with white a bit orange but from modern it have a lot of color and quite negative space.


Kinetic Typography


I know this one because i watch maroon5 sugar lyric and do a research again what is it , how many style of them after that i  know Kinetic typography is motion typography when you was it it look amazing.



The Self- Portrait Of A Perfume


This is a advertising from Chanel perfume that when i watch in Youtube was so amazing. this advertising it not just want to sell a perfume but they show you how Coco Channel fine and make this.



Tang Yau Hoong


he was an artist about illustrator , graphic design living his art work was Negative sin Kuala  Lumpur Malaysia. All his art work was Negative space and was so amazing . First time when i look a his art  work i just point something that a color was catch my eyes but when i look again now i look properly make me feel he was creative . In negative space work you can look in two way so you will see some image like a pen with black background first i don’t think it was a pen i think in other thing. I like his work style.

Tear an Alphabet

My work that i try to make a tear an alphabet together. I cut a color paper to be an alphabet in my name next i stick together with glue and i put it in paper then i copy in a printer many time so you will see a different i like this work because it quite fun and i can use my brain a lot too create this work .






Fine Art Rotation

For me Fine Art is something very deep and let me think more than one side or in one art work is have many story behind there.

First Day 

(inspiraion )

I choose this one because  I make me feel clam, Trust and Believe when i see this. My aunt give me before when i came o UK and i all way put it on my wallet. This one call Ganesha  or lord of success he came from India the elephant daily riding a mouse one of the commonest for anything with Hinduism and it have a gold all of they body and  frame a bit orange and glitter around. i have to protect Ganesha with a plastic.This one is my sketch in class my class think  about meaning is Temple , Box up the power , Glad ,gold nacklace , God of success , Mystery , Gliter elephant and ClamnesThis is my make up beg  was my aunt gave me for my birthday but normally i did not ware a makeup  so i put other thing in there. I choose his because my aunt give it to me the materia was came from 100% polyurethane and 100% polyester. Color is pink but i use i a lot so now is fade already and it have a pink mouth. The qualities is so soft but rough skin when i touch it feel quite strang.

Foot Print

Two picture that you see i want to show style how i put on a desk and the door the meaning was similar it about my life and my feeling. Color was something happen black it mean bad thing or emotion , green is something fresh and is something difficult to fix a problem.This footprint works is from my classmate her name is Polina she from Russia .Her work that i think it about foot step about her life. She have a small step first so she got a big bigger and biggest to show the way she walk pass until now. For a color i like it so much color that she put on the foot print  it look contrast but beautiful.

Group Work

This is a group that teacher told us to do about print some part of your body to make a new art work. We was meeting about 5 minute and wait for other team to use a printer ( we have 2 team). First image is a black and white a model she was my classmate her name is Jeda she from Canada. We took a  picture just only her face after that we went to printer and scanned some part of our body and it quite fun. In the third picture we want to made a picture that we scanned will be a Jada face so we cut a paper and stick some part that we cut with a glue and i took a picture of my group. Last one is our finally art work. We want to show dark and light tone that was the reason why we do his work.

Clay Work

This is my clay with plaster art works that you see image i show you it quite sculpture first i sculpture a clay to be a pond and it not take a long time to made this next teacher he mixed a plaster powder with water and pour it in to my clay after that we have to wait it stuck in 1 day or 24 hours next day when it struck already i have separate clay and plaster but my plaster was broken in that time i don’t know what to do next i just sit touch and look at  it how can i do and after that i have a new ideal i put it a new way so you will see a the last picture this sculpture i call ‘TWINS’ it mean when you see it you will see only one head and body still together it like sometime you want to be your your heart want to this thing but your brain say don’t it similar like a twins.



This photo is mean sometime we have to hide to see what the world happen just keep quite and listen to each other. I want to show how strong am i it mean it hard to do it in a firs time and it hard to moving on if you believe you can do your brain and heart can do. This image i want to tell you about sometime we like an animal that anybody can point they finger at as and tell as to do anything they want , laugh at us or curl as. Freedom it a kind of word that it mean free to be yourself in a good way in my opinion. This is a last photo i do. Sometime we don’t see what are we doing so  camera it something like a mirror to reflex our behavior but mirror it just for a second for a photo it forever.



This is my second work that i have to do with plaster teacher told us don’t forget to bring a shirt. When we bring our shirt after that teacher mix a plaster powder with water and put a shirt in there and wait like 1 day to make i dry and stuck with a shirt. Next day i take it down and paint it like you see. A meaning of this one i like to show my feeling with art so this show a feeling when it not normal you will see messy it is.

Final Project

This is my final project from Fine Art to made a book and video about Body&Identity so i did a body print in every part example eyes , mouth , noes, hand etc. and inside you will see a heart that was very important for my body.For video is about noise i heard everyday that annoy me i take video 1 minute behind windows in my accommodation . It be related my ears to listen this sound everyday, minute or hours some sound it too lound but some sound it quite and it have many kind of sound it happen in everyday.