Fine Art Rotation

For me Fine Art is something very deep and let me think more than one side or in one art work is have many story behind there.

First Day 

(inspiraion )

I choose this one because  I make me feel clam, Trust and Believe when i see this. My aunt give me before when i came o UK and i all way put it on my wallet. This one call Ganesha  or lord of success he came from India the elephant daily riding a mouse one of the commonest for anything with Hinduism and it have a gold all of they body and  frame a bit orange and glitter around. i have to protect Ganesha with a plastic.This one is my sketch in class my class think  about meaning is Temple , Box up the power , Glad ,gold nacklace , God of success , Mystery , Gliter elephant and ClamnesThis is my make up beg  was my aunt gave me for my birthday but normally i did not ware a makeup  so i put other thing in there. I choose his because my aunt give it to me the materia was came from 100% polyurethane and 100% polyester. Color is pink but i use i a lot so now is fade already and it have a pink mouth. The qualities is so soft but rough skin when i touch it feel quite strang.

Foot Print

Two picture that you see i want to show style how i put on a desk and the door the meaning was similar it about my life and my feeling. Color was something happen black it mean bad thing or emotion , green is something fresh and is something difficult to fix a problem.This footprint works is from my classmate her name is Polina she from Russia .Her work that i think it about foot step about her life. She have a small step first so she got a big bigger and biggest to show the way she walk pass until now. For a color i like it so much color that she put on the foot print  it look contrast but beautiful.

Group Work

This is a group that teacher told us to do about print some part of your body to make a new art work. We was meeting about 5 minute and wait for other team to use a printer ( we have 2 team). First image is a black and white a model she was my classmate her name is Jeda she from Canada. We took a  picture just only her face after that we went to printer and scanned some part of our body and it quite fun. In the third picture we want to made a picture that we scanned will be a Jada face so we cut a paper and stick some part that we cut with a glue and i took a picture of my group. Last one is our finally art work. We want to show dark and light tone that was the reason why we do his work.

Clay Work

This is my clay with plaster art works that you see image i show you it quite sculpture first i sculpture a clay to be a pond and it not take a long time to made this next teacher he mixed a plaster powder with water and pour it in to my clay after that we have to wait it stuck in 1 day or 24 hours next day when it struck already i have separate clay and plaster but my plaster was broken in that time i don’t know what to do next i just sit touch and look at  it how can i do and after that i have a new ideal i put it a new way so you will see a the last picture this sculpture i call ‘TWINS’ it mean when you see it you will see only one head and body still together it like sometime you want to be your your heart want to this thing but your brain say don’t it similar like a twins.



This photo is mean sometime we have to hide to see what the world happen just keep quite and listen to each other. I want to show how strong am i it mean it hard to do it in a firs time and it hard to moving on if you believe you can do your brain and heart can do. This image i want to tell you about sometime we like an animal that anybody can point they finger at as and tell as to do anything they want , laugh at us or curl as. Freedom it a kind of word that it mean free to be yourself in a good way in my opinion. This is a last photo i do. Sometime we don’t see what are we doing so  camera it something like a mirror to reflex our behavior but mirror it just for a second for a photo it forever.



This is my second work that i have to do with plaster teacher told us don’t forget to bring a shirt. When we bring our shirt after that teacher mix a plaster powder with water and put a shirt in there and wait like 1 day to make i dry and stuck with a shirt. Next day i take it down and paint it like you see. A meaning of this one i like to show my feeling with art so this show a feeling when it not normal you will see messy it is.

Final Project

This is my final project from Fine Art to made a book and video about Body&Identity so i did a body print in every part example eyes , mouth , noes, hand etc. and inside you will see a heart that was very important for my body.For video is about noise i heard everyday that annoy me i take video 1 minute behind windows in my accommodation . It be related my ears to listen this sound everyday, minute or hours some sound it too lound but some sound it quite and it have many kind of sound it happen in everyday.







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