Graphic Design Rotation



For me Graphic&illustration is about something are doing with color , line and computer program. Have to create a new ideal all the time.



I have 5 artist research 2 is from graffiti 2 from tattoo artist and 1 from photographer. Felipe Pantone is my first artist he is an kinetic art , installations and graffiti. When i looks at his work it so amazing to see something contrast if you look at his art work you will see color was so different tone. His art work style was very iconic and beautiful next  is JR he is a photographer his work normally take a photo some part of face with black and white it quite unique when he put many photo that he take stay together. DAIM he was a Germany Graffiti artist his art work was remain me about Transformer movie it something Technology and unreal. Big meal and BJ BETTS they was a tattoo artist they prefer to do a letter style and color it simple like grey and black when you look at his work you will never bored or want to change style in every time you look a it reason why i chose because i like a tattoo i want to put it in to my body.


Fitz William museum


I went to the Fitz william Museum they have a rule to follow that is you can’t take a photo only sketch so i have to sketch a letter , prop cops and illustration after that i do a research from many artist to see how the different about classic and modern illustration from classic style was brown with white a bit orange but from modern it have a lot of color and quite negative space.


Kinetic Typography


I know this one because i watch maroon5 sugar lyric and do a research again what is it , how many style of them after that i  know Kinetic typography is motion typography when you was it it look amazing.



The Self- Portrait Of A Perfume


This is a advertising from Chanel perfume that when i watch in Youtube was so amazing. this advertising it not just want to sell a perfume but they show you how Coco Channel fine and make this.



Tang Yau Hoong


he was an artist about illustrator , graphic design living his art work was Negative sin Kuala  Lumpur Malaysia. All his art work was Negative space and was so amazing . First time when i look a his art  work i just point something that a color was catch my eyes but when i look again now i look properly make me feel he was creative . In negative space work you can look in two way so you will see some image like a pen with black background first i don’t think it was a pen i think in other thing. I like his work style.

Tear an Alphabet

My work that i try to make a tear an alphabet together. I cut a color paper to be an alphabet in my name next i stick together with glue and i put it in paper then i copy in a printer many time so you will see a different i like this work because it quite fun and i can use my brain a lot too create this work .







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