Conceptual Art And Land Art

Conceptual Art And Land Art


    Conceptual Art is abstract art and meaning it not very clear so you have to think what a real meaning it going  to be and Land Art it something like a landscape but landscape it quite photography but Land art it a kind of art with change a bit style , tone and colour.

This two art work it’s so difference style left hand you will see picture is a girls and in her arm she hold a cat in this picture it look like a upside down so you will see a girl her back is stick with a ceiling it look like a horror film name The Exorcist make me feel a bit scary. Kind of painting I think is oil painting just for looking this painting was beautiful next is land art in photo is a stone similar like a foot step I like this photo because it’s illustrate something about life step be step you will see a small foot first and big bigger biggest. This two art work is not new style but there ideal it interesting  in my opinion they want to show something about life went we grow up everyday.


This art work is from Michael Heizer is in 1972 . I’m not sure what material did he use but his work was so iconic and I think  this one it make in a desert it similar like place that people make turbine and you will see the shadow is appearance look very long and move not straight. I think did art work is influence me about how to use shade and shadow because this photo colour shade of colour is quite similar is brown,beige and have a blue.


This one is my photo from fine art project that I want to tell about some situation we have to be quite have listen what are other people thinking or doing or stay quite maybe is the safe way for a bad situation.







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