Sainsbury Centre


   On Tuesday November 15th I went to Sainsbury Centre for the visual art,Norwich .In there it have many amazing art work that make me feel impress so i will show some example of art work i like first is ‘Masi’ this art work





 Sir Everand Im Thurn, Governor of Fiji 1904-1911.

     Club it made by wood and now stayed in Fiji Museum . This is a wood like a lamp shape like a lamp floor or it similar like wand shape was quit long and in the bottle look like a flower or mushroom colour is brown. Style it similar like Chinese traditional decorations like they put in a house in the picture I can see a dark tone between conner and body.



Collected by A. von Hügel, 1875-77. Z 2906

 Fishing basket it made by coconut leaf , hibiscus fibre in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge. This style is something like when we catch a fish so we put it in there and line and shape is like a half circle with a geometric.I see something similar went go to pound that some one catch the fish .


Collected by Sir A. Gordon, 1875-80. Z 2943

     Cuttlefish lure it made by shell, stone,coir,cane in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge. This style is something like a necklace to ware in the neck and colour was brown and yellow in this picture I see  many detail in there like line and cluve.


Presented to Sir A. Gordon by Ratu Tevita Madigibuli, 1876. 1955.247

    Hook  it made by wood and coir in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge.It a wood it similar like a lamp that was stuck in the wall and it was quite tradition and color was brown. I see it in the top you can put a incense on it on hang it on the wall and put lamp under so you will see something was different.


19th Century

      Temple  it made by coir, reed in Museum of Archaeolgy and And Anthropology,Cambridge. This style was like a temple like it in they name and the color was a red wood  in the picture I see like a wood house. This one it seem like when they make they put a lot of lop for make something like this.


Greenock in the 1870s.

Double-hulled Sailing Canoe it made by wood coir in Private Collection. This style it similar like a boat and colour was a red wood. Body was quite long.I think this one is a classic one from the old sailing boat that material they use it cheap and easy to find so that can use it but now that use some material much more stronger.



        All this picture that make me remember when I was young that see my cousin they was use in and it inspire me for my project some of them is call a product example like a double-hulled sailing canoe this one can use it and easy to make it more than boat now a day so that me inspire me to make in other way still can classic like this but much stronger than.Now I am study in Product design in my opinion everything I choose was make me feel I want to make product like this but more useful and not just be decoration.


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