Product Design Toothbrush Model&Sketch

Toothbrush Model&Sketch




        1. This design is big more than the second design and when you hold it not too big or small and not slip who you clean it.

      2.This hand grip  you can use a both hands and it comfortable to use because it quite thick.


3. This one is unique and it quite slim.You can slide at the back.

4.This design is more curve but handle it quite small. You can use both hand.


5.This one it can stand when you put a lot of toothbrush.

6.This one is small it quite hard to hold a little bit.


7. This it a bit hard to hold but when you clean it with a water it not slip.

8.When you touch it  it feel unusual but it can hang at wall or handle.


Product Design Observation Sketch Model

Observation Sketch Model


               1-2.   This one you put a pencil or easer with a easy way with you notebook I draw a little curve that make you comfortable when you hold beside it hurt where a paper cut your finger that why I draw curve in side.

                     3. This pencil case is make by a fabric and sharpenes is under so when you want sharp it easy to hold.


        4. This one is you can put easer with shaper together so when you shape it will have a bin inside.

       5. Next one is same pencil shape but it other style but more Ergonomics.

     6. When I shape a pencil sometime it broke so I think I will put a slide or spring inside.

    7. A pencil case that a  hole inside because when I sharp it will broke so this will help.


8. This toothbrush are more curve because when I use it was slip.

9. When I use a tooth past but I squest it a bit it dirty around so I put like a thing around.

10. This is hang a thing like a beg because sometime when I close door it hang my hands.


11. When I wash my hands on foam so I think it was easy it we have a bottle to push.

12. I try to put a colour on.

Product Design Observation *2

Observation *2



  1. In the morning I wake up I open door. The door it very straight no curve. Make a door handle more curve.
  2. I hold a brush. When I use it some time it was slip out. Stick something like matte in the middle of tooth brush.
  3. I put a toothpaste in a toothbrush.

4. I turn on a faucet.

5. And I put a brush in a water.

6. When I finish I clean it. It still dirty my hands. Use a little toothpaste.

7. After that I turn off. Hand was wet. Use a towel.

*8 This image it time when I going to turn off it.




9. Going out. Sometime when I close door it hurt me. See it before close the door.

10. Door close.

Product Design Observation *1

Observation *1



 1)  This is my sketch book that I would like to draw something in there.  In the corner of the book sometime it hurt my hand because  it cut and blood a little come.  Put a scotch tape in the corner of  my sketch book.

2)  I open my pencil case I have many so I choose 2B for my draw. This pencil case is a aluminiam so if quite heavy and use a lot of space. Chang a pencil case.

3) I draw some picture a little circle but it have many line. When I use a pencil my finger feel a little. Design new style of pencil to make it more curve.

4) That I try to make it more curve and beautiful so I erase it again. When I a eraser sometime when I eraser it not clean. Draw something very soft.

5-6) But I see my pencil was unsharp so I sharp it in the bin after that when I draw it was more clear and look better. This pencil sharp was a basic sharp when I sharp pencil a lot I will hurt my finger so it similar situation like number. Now a day have many style to make it more soft time and easy. 


7) When I finish drawing I put it back in a pencil case. I didn’t see how different was pencil that I sharp it or not. Put a little colour in a pencil.

8) And I close it and put it back in my beg.

Product Design Vocabulary




  This one is a list of vocabulary that I have to find some image in the book and website so I have to do a harvard referencing quick guide to see who made this, when it made.



I choose this one because I think the shape in the eye it like a finger print and style quite unique. This is just decoration it similar like a clock it seem like just decoration but I think can put a batterien it can use in a real life.



A cloud bed that look quite soft and I choose this one because this cloud bed it not have base I think it hard to do in my opinions if you want to make it in real life you have to put it something under to make it stable.



Child toothbrush I like this one because child they have a little hands so the erogonomic it have  a shape it match  so they use it will not loose and I also like this colour.




This one is a charger but it different style and it look so colourful and can use it in real life. I see a monkey it cute.



A hat that a farmer use for protect sunlight when you going to work  but  matrial they use straw to make a hat when it rain it can help you but many farmer.



A knife it something you have  to touch before use but you have to be careful.

Product Design Blue Form

Blue Form




I made a blue form first model that I make but it not much Ergonomice. When you see beside it more cuve but you see in straight it like normal so I put a silk clay  when I blend it made more cuve and put a little silk clay and put a little dot when you touch you will feel different.




Second one is I have more cuve because I blend it with machine but it broke in that time so put a scotch tap after that I put a glue inside. You will see the different form the first one in my opinions first one it more comfortable and beautiful so I think it good with you stay in the dark.

Product Design Sketch





I sketch than my first hand grips that  imagine a door handle so I try to sketch many style and put a colour on I think this one I don’t know how to draw but my tutor told me and he touch me how to do so when I know how to draw 4 Image so I highlight  and made a shadow. Picture in the middle I try to put a colour, highlight and hand in there. In my opinions I like all of them and I think I it was easy to make a model.