Product Design Vocabulary




  This one is a list of vocabulary that I have to find some image in the book and website so I have to do a harvard referencing quick guide to see who made this, when it made.



I choose this one because I think the shape in the eye it like a finger print and style quite unique. This is just decoration it similar like a clock it seem like just decoration but I think can put a batterien it can use in a real life.



A cloud bed that look quite soft and I choose this one because this cloud bed it not have base I think it hard to do in my opinions if you want to make it in real life you have to put it something under to make it stable.



Child toothbrush I like this one because child they have a little hands so the erogonomic it have  a shape it match  so they use it will not loose and I also like this colour.




This one is a charger but it different style and it look so colourful and can use it in real life. I see a monkey it cute.



A hat that a farmer use for protect sunlight when you going to work  but  matrial they use straw to make a hat when it rain it can help you but many farmer.



A knife it something you have  to touch before use but you have to be careful.


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