Product Design Observation *1

Observation *1



 1)  This is my sketch book that I would like to draw something in there.  In the corner of the book sometime it hurt my hand because  it cut and blood a little come.  Put a scotch tape in the corner of  my sketch book.

2)  I open my pencil case I have many so I choose 2B for my draw. This pencil case is a aluminiam so if quite heavy and use a lot of space. Chang a pencil case.

3) I draw some picture a little circle but it have many line. When I use a pencil my finger feel a little. Design new style of pencil to make it more curve.

4) That I try to make it more curve and beautiful so I erase it again. When I a eraser sometime when I eraser it not clean. Draw something very soft.

5-6) But I see my pencil was unsharp so I sharp it in the bin after that when I draw it was more clear and look better. This pencil sharp was a basic sharp when I sharp pencil a lot I will hurt my finger so it similar situation like number. Now a day have many style to make it more soft time and easy. 


7) When I finish drawing I put it back in a pencil case. I didn’t see how different was pencil that I sharp it or not. Put a little colour in a pencil.

8) And I close it and put it back in my beg.


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