Product Design Observation *2

Observation *2



  1. In the morning I wake up I open door. The door it very straight no curve. Make a door handle more curve.
  2. I hold a brush. When I use it some time it was slip out. Stick something like matte in the middle of tooth brush.
  3. I put a toothpaste in a toothbrush.

4. I turn on a faucet.

5. And I put a brush in a water.

6. When I finish I clean it. It still dirty my hands. Use a little toothpaste.

7. After that I turn off. Hand was wet. Use a towel.

*8 This image it time when I going to turn off it.




9. Going out. Sometime when I close door it hurt me. See it before close the door.

10. Door close.


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