Product Design Observation Sketch Model

Observation Sketch Model


               1-2.   This one you put a pencil or easer with a easy way with you notebook I draw a little curve that make you comfortable when you hold beside it hurt where a paper cut your finger that why I draw curve in side.

                     3. This pencil case is make by a fabric and sharpenes is under so when you want sharp it easy to hold.


        4. This one is you can put easer with shaper together so when you shape it will have a bin inside.

       5. Next one is same pencil shape but it other style but more Ergonomics.

     6. When I shape a pencil sometime it broke so I think I will put a slide or spring inside.

    7. A pencil case that a  hole inside because when I sharp it will broke so this will help.


8. This toothbrush are more curve because when I use it was slip.

9. When I use a tooth past but I squest it a bit it dirty around so I put like a thing around.

10. This is hang a thing like a beg because sometime when I close door it hang my hands.


11. When I wash my hands on foam so I think it was easy it we have a bottle to push.

12. I try to put a colour on.


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