He was born in Hyogo prefecture in 1973. Graduated from Product design department of Tama Art University in 1997. He relocated o England, where he worked after returning in Japan in 1999. He has won a number of design award including the ‘ IF Design Award’



This chair had a Geometric style was designed his 2016 Based on his shop. I like stit modern and minimal style because if  I sit many hours it will be pain at my back. It look nice but in my opinion it not feel comfortable when I look at this chair a material was made by woods and I didn’t see something to support like a pillows to help or it just show  when use in real life it will have. Colour was simple of wood colour brown colour it was good because style was too unique if paint colourfull it will look messy for me.


This product that collaboration with MUJI a Japanese household brand that was my my favourite brand .This allows it to  put well in a corner of a kitchen or equally in the center of a table, The stainless steel handle hand ensures the palette of materials is keep to a minimum also involves a water filer,5 cup. I choose this product to my favourite because he worked with MUJI my best-loved Product Design brand and I like a function that can put in the corner of kitchen because normally eletronics have to have 10 or 15 cm. spcce between corner and product maybe this product was very save and useless of electricity. Design was minimal with white is a main colour put  black to colour to make it a little catch my eyes and it look lie easy to use because in the picture it show a little step like show how to put it out.


This is a smartphone stands were designed in 2016 for Japanese  IT venture Softbank C&S and function it not just put the phone but you can keep a key or anything.Photo number 2 shadow was interesting. Design it similar look like a busket that I have to put my cloth in everyday and colour you will see it have 2 colour orange and green colour it bright torn I think it good that will easy to find stuff because key , ring  or earring it was a little thing was easy to  lost if put in something was outstanding it hard to forget it.

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This one I was print in a A3 size to show more detail how to hold. Handgrips in my opinion was easy to hold more that I use my toothbrush now a day was quite hard. Design if you look it look like a fish.








This is a final model you will see blue form , model and final pattern. When I make a model it was hard but before I put a chopstick and put a polymorphy around there and make a a shape so cut head of toothbrush and stick it. Pattern design I use a gold colour to make it bright.







I use a trasing paper to copy for drawing. I design 4 style of design but different from three part heard and bass I want to make it simple colour because I want only in the middle to pop out or catch my eyes. My favourite pattern is third one from left because I think it was colourful and make me feel excited when I look.



                  This my model that I try to make more stand so I try with many style of you will see the first one it more straight. second down below it quite slim and base it more curve . My final model I choose the first one because it look simple and when I touch it it feel comfortable.


two of this I try to make a different of first and second so third one I make a base more stable after you use this I think it helpful to stand.Last one is if you look in the middle part it have a little hole when you use it you will see feel different.