Natchanokphat Yongphueksa

CEG 33584

Product Design



In the past I have done everything that is helpful for me to do my FMP. I studied Fine Art, Graphic and Product design I think it helpful because it help me understand what I want to do or something that I prefer. Product design what my specialism I studied about Ergonomic hand grips and my feeling when I touch final model I’m feeling it will solve problem and in the future I hope to make a some kind of product like this that I think it was helpful and sell it.When you see a shape it look similar like a fish first I didn’t recognize what shape it would like to be but when presentation in my EAP class a teacher  he told about shape of my toothbrush he said it what similar like a fish and I think it was similar and then I would like to put a graphic so I design 4 style but for head and base I want a normal color like white , grey  or black to make my graphic pop out and look more interesting.



My theme was a Graphic that was it similar like a color but in my opinion I think it have a little bit difference because color my first theme it just color and meaning but for graphic you can have a meaning , color and pattern in there and style that I am interested in using are Pop Art,  Typography and Negative Space.  I think it will be exciting and I will put a little color on designs. For me Graphics is something like imagination, breaking the rules, being myself and let everybody to come to see who am I. When I do a Graphic work I have a deep passion and forget the time, forgot everything around me, just me and my work I really love to do graphic so I want to mix with something 3D like Product design. An example is packaging like flat 2D designs become 3D design using box nets. But any product or furniture can have graphic elements.



My main influences for my final major project are Warhol and Tim Burton. Warhol was mixing a lot of color for his work so I will use this style but not almost the same just something to catch the eyes and look alive. My next inspiration was Tim Burton he was artist , director and animator all his work like a black and white style Tim Burton for me it not just a color but his work style I really love it when I see a character  that he was design was unique after I look at his art work I feel deep , uncomfortable feeling and a kind of sad. There are design movements like Memphis Design that include maximal styles of pattern and graphics. Also, packaging design because it is not only flat 2D but has to fit on a 3D shape. A big part of graphics is colour and so I can research colour psychology, because of the symbolic meaning and emotional reactions.



I can design shapes and forms and then try different graphics on top by using tracing paper or by using Photoshop. My design process will try to make print pattern or maybe abstract design to make it more graphic. I can also make new typography designs that can catch the eye. I want maximal feeling instead of minimal when you look at it but when everyone uses it feel they comfortable. For this them I want it to look something like Alice In Wonderland because I want it to be more different , have a lot of dream like when I was young and I want to mix it with a graphic and pattern that I create it. Comfortable is a point that I would like to be but I think dream it so important too because when I was young I want to be a princes but when I gowning up I want to made that kind of dream to be real for me Alice In wonderland something was excited if I make it for kid or adult who want to be a kid again.



To evaluate my ideas I will keep a reflective journal blog with notes and photos of my work.  I can also record my ideas in my sketchbook and make notes on the page about which concepts I can develop and which ones do not work very well. To make sure I am on schedule with my project I will make a timetable with all the tasks that I need to complete and check my progress against it.






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