Natchanokphat Yongphueksa

CEG 33584

Product Design


In the past I done everything that helpful for me to done my FMV. I studied Fine Art, Graphic and Product design I think it helpful because it help me understand what I want to do or something that I prefer. Product design what my specialism I studied about make a Lamp. My lamps that I use a paper to make and shape was circle or kind of after that I splash color with many kind of color example acrylic colour and ink colour with many tone of color so I really like it it make me feel when I angry and went to the river and shout it out after that when I finish I feel clear my mind.



The ideal from first proposals is color because I think color was a imagination and have a meaning in there own that why I choose it and it not just a meaning but feeling that I look at it some color was healing me like green , blue or beige make me feel relax or clam when I have a hard situation to moving on. In my ideal I would like to make a chair because chair is a stuff that I never make it before and if mix with color for me it will interesting. In my opinion color can make people want this product or not and it appropriate for there house, living room or bedroom or not that why I think color was so  plan I have a timetable to show what plane I have to do everyday and in my mind I also think everyday was my deadline to send a work so I cannot lazy or don’t do it and I try to research everything a little short note it not the same as a timetable this one is my them or product that I was interesting to be ideal for my project.



My inspiration was the designer name Kazushige  Miyage. He was Japanese designer that I like his product his product was unique and useful. In my sketchbook he was my designer research because when I see his product it make me feel open and free.His chair design was very unique but traditional similar like Japanese style and I choose a chair because of him.His chair was similar geometric style it very rectangle so I think it was unique for me. Other inspiration for me is psychology in my opinion was very interesting that color will express our human being it like red it mean love , white mean clean , blue mean loyalty and not just psychology but many horoscope use this to tell some question what kind of color do you like and when you choose it will tell your behavior something like that.



Method that technique I want to use was for first is test color and see reaction when everyone look at color they like and don’t how did they feel or express in they face so I will try this one and mix with color of my chair and materials I would like to use is wood and plastic so I decide to my chair was have some part was wood and some part was plastic I think it will exacting and can put a color in some part of chair but not all to show a meaning of color.I will use a wood to stick it with plastic so four legs of chairs two of them was wood and two is plastic or material was similar and easy to find and part of cushions I will use a fabric to be because I think fabric will support a lower body when I have to sit and I think it was important to use because my school chair now a day it made by plastic and when I sit many hours to do my work my lower it mean my  hip was feel not comfortable and inside a fabric I will use like a silk-cotton tree inside make hold to match with a hip I think it will be nice from the back I will do something similar like but will use curve out shape to support at the back and color I will use a contrast color I want to show like a chair was a body and this color it mean to me and which part what my body. At the back of my chair I will just white or black to see simple because I think when was young it similar like i’m a white color so when I grown up everyday people around me put many color into me but inside me or everybody I think we just have white zone or kid zone. My exhibition I will out chair in a middle with a white background but on the flood I will splash color around because my research have minimal style also.



To evaluate my ideas I will keep a reflective journal blog with notes and photos of my work.  I can also record my ideas in my sketchbook and make notes on the page about which concepts I can develop and which ones do not work very well. To make sure I am on schedule with my project I will make a timetable with all the tasks that I need to complete and check my progress against it.

Color for me it not just a color but It mean feeling , healing and psychology of human being. My product it not just a product or art pieces that not thing inside or mean nothing but I want everybody think was it give you back something like beautiful is match to you , it ugly too messy for you, it look comfortable to sit or not. My ideal it come because I just like a color and color it not just in art work  but it’s around me like  food, cloth , transport and building it have a color too so everything around me was my  inspiration. Research from color chart and look at cosmetic brand because I think many cosmetic brand shade of color they use was very interesting to know how many shade I know and name that cosmetic was call a shade was very creative. Not just a cosmetic brands but I research about landscape it was interesting to see color of nature light or in the world it have many animal was have a beautiful color skin. I see a glass I love when they put color inside a glass look nice because glass what very clear transparent so it was interesting that effect that a color glass show to me.I think my chair it just make everybody look and like it.






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