Product Design FMP 03/01/17





Kazushige Miyake was born in Hyogo prefecture in 1973. Graduated from the product design department of Tamara University in 1997.He relocated to England, bywhere he worked after returning in Japan in 1999. He has won a number of design including the ‘IF’ design award.I choose him for a reason of his design was unique and simple that I can put his product just decoration or use it in real like I can do it by the case of some design it just decoration but his product is not like that.





The chair had a Geometric shape was designed in 2016 based on his shop. I like this style because of it modern and minimal but if I think the  I sit many hours it will not comfortable for me style is one and only, however, feeling when I sit or touch it must be soft and comfortable. Colour was dark brown it makes me feel a sensation of Japanese tradition style or Chinese traditional style and geometric shape was so wonderful in that other style of a chair it has some thought to help back but it quite hurt if sit for many hours.





This product that collaboration with MUJI tat was my favourite brand. This product allows it to sit well in a corner of a kitchen or equally in the centre of a table for me this idea was good because many of electronics have to have space between a corner around 15 cm.that mean this product saved energy and save. The stainless still handle hands ensures the palette of materials is kept to a minimal style also involves a water filter, 5 cups. I like this style because of it to minimal style and it looks soft when it in the kitchen. Normally coffee maker I just see only one colour it black and heavy to move this side to another side but this product I think colour can stay in any tone or shade of colour in my opinion I think white is  something very simple, classic black it make product look strong but heavy so I think weight it not heavy.



Unknown-3.jpeg Unknown-4.jpeg

Smartphone stands were designed in 2016 for Japanese IT venture SoftBank C&S, Functioning it not just put phone but you can keep a key or anything and photo number two a shadow was interesting. Colour tone was so bright and feel easy to remember when I forgot if I lose my key and it not just a style but pattern of this one was an abstract style that I think it was nice.


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