Product Design FMP 04/03/17





Today I research about packaging design in 3 kinds of the product because I would like to know when they create a graphic with other kinds of the product how it was it like. The first example was a packaging from an alcohol brand name ‘Absolut Vodka’ I choose this one because I think the color was attractive me and a drop pattern was so beautiful and It does not look too messy in my opinion if this packaging can glow in the dark it will look fantastic. The way that they use a contrast matte color that makes prices of this bottle was an increase. Next picture was a chair that has alphabet to be a pattern but for a chairs design in my opinion was normal I think an owner want everyone interesting in their pattern design more than a chair design I like the way that put an alphabet inside the chair and they use a little contrast color to make an alphabet pop it out. The last one was a snack packaging that they use a geometric style and use all packaging was orange and the line was  white I choose this one because I like a shape and color that make interesting and if I buy some snack I will buy this one by a reason of a packaging was difference that other brands.


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Product Design FMP 03/31/17





Today I research about a Geometric style. I research this style it interesting and I think when it styles with any product it makes that product look more interesting pattern that why I choose it. Geometric was a part of mathematics so I think it was all around me I can see in everywhere for example door , window etc. that I think if I create a packaging or product it Geometric that had an interesting pattern curious and also can make a art style normally that use triangle is popular shape to do a geometric style all this three picture I love picture number 2 because use a bright color and when I look at it for a few second it similar like 3D illustration art that why I choose this one is my favorite but artist not just use a colorful color but they mix it with black and white so I think it make this picture more 3D. other picture it seems too dark tone of pink, blue and purple for me it quite and hard to see so this one it not my favorite. The third picture they use a white background to make a triangle pop out because when use a black or white background when I use a bright color that drawing will pop out so I love this so I choose it and put it in my sketchbook.


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Product Design FMP 03/30/17



Today I research about packaging design in 2017. In this year packaging design was modern, function and more detail that make customer enjoy so when they use it to have more fun. I put a three example in the sketchbook first is a candy packaging this one was attractive me because color and character that they put in the packaging was so adorable that make a children interesting and they have a hold that you can see some example of a candy I think it was nice because some packaging they did illustrate was kind product so I love this packaging next one is a wine packaging that they have a dot style that you can play with to it know exactly finish picture it look like so I think it was genius by a reason of normally packaging of wine was a simple and look nothing so I think if many brands do something like this increase a product prices and make customer alluring to a product. the last one was I don’t know was kind of product they want me to put inside but it quite similar like when I put a sugar or maybe cook for me I think packaging was engaging and flashy so when you put something was similar like salt and sugar for me I normally confuses so packaging will help me and another reason is they use a contrast color that makes me interesting.


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New York Trip FMP 03/16/17






Today I went to Brooklyn Museum that was my last museum on this trip because tomorrow I will back to London so this museum it modern museum too but quite more interior design and they have a special exhibition it adult exhibition that was joint so I take a photo some of them so I have a favorite is artist put a lot of photos  and put it on together so shade was grey and white that not make this art pieces mean about sex too much but it have many pictures that more about sex so I think it not appropriate to put in my sketch or my blog. next one is a book a kind of illustration art so I think this book was quite old. I live the way that the artist use a color because of It quite more contrast and paper that artist use was it seem like brown or recycle paper so I think it was good to save the world. I like a picture that artist drawing it was beautiful and it connects to a book.




New York Trip FMP 03/15/17




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Today I went to a MOMA or The Museum Of Modern Art Manhattan this museum was my favorite in all 4 museums that I been because it has a modern art, film, and style of shade and color that was shown inside. In my sketchbook, I have 4 favorite picture that I was taken inside the museum. The first picture was a light that has a 2 tone was yellow and white but effect that show on the wall it was an orange I like this because  it expect that light color can make something interesting but in a photo that I was take it colorless that a real one so it inspire me for my final model next one I like it because it use a contrast color that connects to my them ideal about color. In this picture, it looks like a rocket will going to the galaxy so I think it was different for other artwork because they put information how to make a rocket inside an art. The third was a chair but it quite short but the style was unique and curve style. It was made by wood I love a  style but when I sit maybe not comfortable the last one is my inspiration to do them a graphic it was a soup can by Andy Warhol before I went there I think it not too big but when I see a real thing it was big and beautiful so when I look at it have an energy that makes me feel excited and respect him.


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New York Trip FMP 03/14/17




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Today I went to The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. This Museum has many styles of chair and product if I compare to a Guggenheim Museum this museum it more modern and have a lot of style of art not just painting so I like this museum more than. In this museum have many exhibitions but like a product exhibition because of it direct to my product so in my sketch book I have a two style of chair that was interesting me. First chair was unique chair it look like ‘Z’ alphabet it was made by woods  so style was minimal if I put in a white room and beige table but I think when I sit this chair it won’t comfortable and have a backache because when I see it a chair won’t have anything to support like a cushion but I still like this chair. Next is a 4 colors chair that was the same design but It has a difference color it has a dark shade and bright shade for me I prefer a bright shade it has a chair that has a red color that caught my eyes. It old chair for 100 years so it classic and it seems like China traditional chairs style.

New York Trip FMP 03/13/17



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Today I went to two museum name Guggenheim Museum. First museum that I went was Guggenheim museum in my opinion this museum a kind of art was abstract painting so artist that was put a lot of color on some of them I don’t know what they want to say I take many pictures of but I have a favorite was two art pieces was interesting me because it more color but style quite abstract painting. the first photo it looks similar to a chicken in the space that was my opinion so style was abstract about color was not too bright it quite pales just only black it dark but another color was quite pale. Next picture is a kind of splash color and when I look closely it I don’t really understand what the point of this picture but when I look in the third times it look similar like a firework when it in the sky. They use a lot of color especially  bright  color I like the way that artist paint for me use they an emotion to inspire a picture  because I similar like me when I paint my shirt or my shoes I will use my feeling I won’t use my mind to think so I think this picture was inspiration me.

New York Trip FMP 03/12/17



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Today was my first day that I arrived in New York so we plant to went to Empire State Building for my first research around 18:00 p.m we went there. In Empire State Building it had 102 floors so It was very high for me and someone who fear of heights will don’t want to come. The Empire State Building was impress me about a structure that how can they build very high building and view on the highest floor was very beautiful at night because in New York every shop or building was close very late so the light was bright and beautiful and second thing was make me excited because they have a film name KING KONG was filming in they so they use a short for Central Graphics or CG that a gorilla crawl in the building that I saw on a poster inside the building. When you come inside an elevator when it moving to a height floor it like I will come to the sky that was I like for the Empire State building.

Product Design FMP 03/29/17


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Today I did a research about Packaging in 2000’s style in this era was more character design like a cartoon but different than 1950’s I think because in 1950’s was look more classic but in 2000’s it look more modern but I prefer 1950’s more than. In 2000’s they use a lot of colors but the packaging was not beautiful in my example picture all kind of product it was a candy so I think target customer that was a child. In a packaging design so use a lot of contrast color that was I like but I don’t like a cartoon design in they packaging because it does not make me interesting but it look annoying. it so just only my opinion. In three packaging my favorite was a corn flake because It was about color and cartoon so they have like a free toy so I think children was like it.



Product Design FMP 03/28/17



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Today I research about the era of packaging design around 1910’s – 2017. I try to research a packaging design in 1910’s for me it was very classic and it feels like old illustration when I look. I put three example picture that was different product one is a ketchup second is bottle of water the last one is a crayon colour so I think around 1900 – 1910’s packaging design quite similar that why I choose 1910’s and around 1910’s packaging they use it still dark like dark red, green or yellow for it look classic but not my favourite. In 1950’s  around this era packaging design was colorful and look like a pop art style they use a lot of contrast color and they create kind of cartoon character in they packaging so this era was my favorite and was inspire me for my final model.In my opinion, I think the brand owner was something to catch customer eyes that why they made everything bright and colorful.In my example picture it have many kinds of product first photo is car wash that has icon was a man who still clean his car and have a kind of how to use in front of they packaging so think it was help customer to know how to use next is a Sunbeam bread that have a cartoon that eat some bread I like a girl in the packaging she was so cute and I think colour was bright and contrast.



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