Product Design FMP 03/06/17






Today I do a research in a sketch about my them after I finish my 2 proposals last week so my first them about color. My first page I put my research about meaning of color because I think it was so important to know what meaning of color because I can use this to ask other people to see what color they prefer and what make they comfortable with when I made a product It will helpful for example for kid have to use warm tone like red, yellow and green but for adult have to use cool tone to easy to look like bed sheet for kid have to use a cartoon or graphic style to make kid excited but for adult they will choose something more simple like grey, black, white or base color to easy to look, feel relax and easy to sleep.I did a research about that so they give me a positive and negative information, for example, Red positive mean love and energy but negative mean anger and danger or warning so product that I want to make a red color is Fire Extinguishers to make people when they have some dangerous situation they will use it and I put a chart of color to see how many different shade in one color.



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