Product Design FMP 03/02/17

      thumbnail_20170221_135500.jpg   thumbnail_20170221_135437.jpg

 Today I still research about a product but a just product, not an artist that I wanna do I research 3 product like a chair, lamps and mob cleaner. In my opinion, I thought it look interesting to make a product that we use every day to make it more interesting to use and catch my eyes.For a lamps I do it before but I use a material kind like paper and put a colour on in my mind If I do it again I will use a wood or plastic to be a material to make it more strong when hanging up or stand on the floor next is chairs I never made a chair before so it quite excited but it still hard because many people have difference style, comfortable when they sit and feeling so it challenge to do it for chair research I went to John Lewis and try to sit in many styles of chair that I like some chair it not easy to sit when you want to sit many hours it make me feel it will break all the time but colour was interesting. Mob cleaner I want to do this one because in the past when I stay in my country I did a house work so it hurt my hand I think because style of handle it very straight, have no curve or anything so if I do a mob cleaner I will use an ergonomic style to make it more comfortable.

                       thumbnail_20170221_140243.jpg     thumbnail_20170221_140152.jpg    HooverTwinTankMop.jpg



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