Product Design FMP 03/03/17




Today I still think about my proposal so I think in 2 them It about Color and Graphic. First, them is a color I love the color it just my work that did before but it still my style in real life like my clothes. my rooms and everything around me. A graphic is something an about a line and mixes with color so I think Graphic is more interesting to show meaning not just meaning of color but everything I want to show who I am and who is me. For me color it very important for a toy for a kid that make a kid excited. I need to do 2 moods board so I decide to do 2 proposals first and after that, I will do a mood board. In my proposal, I did not put any picture or any color because I will put it on my mood board. In my moods board I decide to have a section, for example, left corner it about meaning of color or graphic packaging to easy see so I decide to do a Color topic first next is Graphic because in my opinion something that me feel interesting to have to do the last one so I can take a time with this one.



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