Product Design FMP 03/07/17






Today I still stay with my sketch topic is color this one I research about the graph that shows what kind of color that men and women were favorite the most and least. The color was the same of both pie chart. The most favorite color for men was blue this color got 57 percent and a woman was the same as men are blue this color got 35 percent, in my opinion, I think blue was an easy color to look and it too femininity or strong like black. The least favorite color for men was brown got 27 percent and women got orange 33 percent I think orange and brown was bright and bored color when it stay with product so this pie graph make me know what kind of color I need to use for my final project if I choose them Color but not all of men and woman will feel the like this graph so this one is just an example. For me, I like a warm tone or bright color it makes me feel bright and excited all the time when look at kind of product and in my opinion kid will love the bright color and I think this chart will not say what kind of thing and the product they show people maybe just ask for opinion.





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