Product Design FMP 03/08/17







Today I did an FMP weekly calendar and main map. For FMP weekly calendar I have to finish this week so I try to finish today and do the main map to see what topic I need to research more and put in my mood board or in my sketchbook. For the main map, color is the main topic but I put 5 topics around. 1 is the meaning of color that I told you before next one is material like glass, fabric or leather that have a color I think the material was important because I need to know what kind of fabric that I really like to use, It easy to buy or make or not? so I put in my main map. 3.  Nature in my opinion color of  nature without photoshop was like when a sunrise or picture of mountain  next is Product especially cosmetic many brands make a lot of shade and tone to sell normally they use a lot of warm tones, not cool tone I think warm tone it easy to make up because our people undertone is yellow and red so I think warm tone shade will not make people look weird. The last one is art normally art use a lot of colors and many kinds of color can make people feel relax, confuse, board or happy so art is my topic that I put in my main map.


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