Product Design FMP 03/09/17



      Today I did in my sketchbook about research so I research about color of vegetable and fruit I think it was interesting because in every food have color when I was young I learnt about nutrition fact teacher told me you have to eat many colors of fruit and vegetable and fruit so I think it will help me for inspiration maybe my final will be something mix with vegetable. For a vegetable I choose 4 kind and fruit I choose 3 kinds so I use a fruit&vegetable color wheel to saw much shade of color in there next is a tonne of color I think it was important to have it because I think it makes mood and tone in the way I want people to look to my product. Cool Tone was a soft tone that easy to look and healing that make people feel uncomfortable situation and a warm tone were bright and hottest to make people fresh. For me I prefer cool tone and in my sketch to use a watercolor to make a simple color that is not clean blush but I use the same blush when a color mix with another color many and many time how it was, in my opinion, I think it was darker and darker tone first time it was bright and it have cool tone and warm tone.


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