Product Design FMP 03/10/17



       Today I did a research in a sketchbook so I research about the product that has a color so I research color of the chair. First is chair  that I was choose is very attractive in my eyes it have many style of chair first chair that was a chair that I put in a living room it look comfortable and color was so bright they use a soft blue , orange and red I choose this one because I think it good to use only one color on a whole chair because they use really bright color next is kind of geometric chair color so it use a contrast color but in this chair they use contrast color but in this chair they use for a whole chair I like this one because I like a geometric style and my final model I want to make something like this to contrast with many color the last one is a normal color chair but they choose the only side of chair that have to have a color so I think it was interesting to use only some part because for me someone who don’t like too much color so they can choose a chair like this.I think this research will me to decide my way to do on mu final model how I want it to be.


white-chair-color-leg.jpg   thumbnail_2017-06-01 09.19.42 1.jpg


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