Product Design FMP 03/20/17


nyx soft matte lip cream vault3.jpg


Today I research about the color of product again but I choose other products to have lipstick, nail polish, and telephone, My first research is NYX lipstick is a high quality and nice about the packaging was very interesting too because it show a color on and it helps customer what shade they want.I love the way that they have a color in packaging because don’t have any brand similar like NYX it so iconic. Next is nail polish is something colorful and 90 percent of woman use it.I think it helps a woman to have a good hand looking and match with they clothes. Nail polish they show a many shade of  color for example red they dark red , bright red for me I like to paint my nail so I think if design a packaging of nail polish to make it look excited will help brand to sell many of them because I think many women not just buy a good quality but also buy a packaging if you know some Korean brand the quality so normal but they packaging was so cute.The last one is telephone the brand that I have put a picture is just an example because now a day many telephone brand they make a color for the telephone case and I think it was good to help a customer who really the color to buy it.



Mabeau-UV-Gel-Nail-Polish-Choose-3-Colors-x-8ml-Nail-Art-Salon-Soak-Off-Gel.jpg     thumbnail_20170601_092311.jpg



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