Product Design FMP 03/21/17



Today I do research about materials that have a color so I research glass because glass have an interesting effect what they stay on a light and glass was very clear texture so color will help to make it more interesting  and a glass bottle color when pour a water just still water so color of water will still same as color of bottle that why I choose glass to be my research and fabric was that was have many color so it have many kind fabric and color so I choose nylon because it was shine and when it in product I think it make a product look more different for example clothes it make from fabric so it have many colors it just only you will choose what color you want to wear so I think if I design something I would like to use fabric and glass but for glass may be easy to broke so maybe I will chance to use something similar like and material that I want to use but I don’t put in my research in sketchbook was wood I think is something that makes product look strong and warmer feeling.


thumbnail_20170601_093431.jpg       thumbnail_20170601_093411.jpg



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