Product Design FMP 03/22/17





Today I did a research about Minimal style because I think if I can mix my final model with kind of minimal product may be interesting so I put an example picture that I like all three picture it was a minimal style so in all three picture they use a simple colour like black, white and grey for me it too simple but it contrast I think contrast in my final model will be fine. First photo was minimal but I think because of they interior too but I like a chair it was different because when you see between seat and leg have like joint so I think it was different from other chairs normally they stick it together next one is a clock it have a three colour it have blue jeans, white and soft red so I think it was nice I like a tone that they use because colour was not too bright and it match for house that was a minimal style. The last one is I don’t know exactly what it is it seem like faucet color they use a black but the stand was wood I think it contrasted that use wood with a something shiny material.


thumbnail_20170601_093818.jpg   thumbnail_20170601_093757.jpg


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