Product Design FMP 03/23/17



         Today I started to research about them graphic that was I will choose this them for my final because  I think the more crazy thing I can put it on my final model so I think graphic them it was matched for me because I want something to color and pattern. My inspiration it from Andy Warhol he was a good father of pop art I choose him by reason of style of art and colour was so contrast and use a famous model to be in his art so the famous of his art week was a soap can that was Andy Warhol made it this picture was in a MOMA Museum, New York and I like a typography that they put it in packaging  and I  put a photo is a new limited edition range of Campell’s was reminiscent of Andy Warhol in 1960’s so they put a lot of colours because the original from Andy Warhol the whole packaging was simple so the new style created a new kind of pop art colour. Next is still Andy Warhol pop art it was Marilyn Monroe I choose this one because I like when he uses a lot of contrast color in that picture he uses yellow with pink, blue with orange it feels like a character from the cartoon. John Mchale was an artist that I choose he was a pop art artist from Glasgow my example picture you can look in two way it quite like an upside down so it remains me of negative space the last one is a kind of packaging in 1900’s – 1950’s of. I choose this one because it feels classic, mood and tone still red and yellow so it feels like when I read a classic comic book.


Warhol.-Soup-Cans-469x292.jpg  59867603_0_nocrop.jpg

I_was_a_Rich_Man's_Plaything_1947.jpg     2396_l.jpeg





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