Product Design FMP 03/24/17





Today I research about Negative space because I really like a kind of art not just look only in one way or straight that why I choose negative space to be my favorite and my favorite artist is Tang Yau Hong he was an illustrator and graphic designer from Malaysia. I choose him because his work gives me some inspiration about life. He creates something new and more interesting has to use negative space to make a story for Tang Yai Hong work will you see some example of his work in three of this. First picture it kind of a children play a swing but when you look in another way it seem like piano for I think when a children play or have fun with something it seem like a musician create a new instrument I choose this because I love the way he put it together and it have a positive way. Next one is the moon that has man who holds guitar in their hand but for you look in other way it a music so I think one it feel like a dream at the night last one is more about politic so first I saw a panda but when I watch it again it I see it look like a forest and have a man who hold a hatchet I think he want to tell about if you cut a wood in the future an animal like panda will extinct I love this art because he put true situation that human will face to it in the future if we don’t cut many kinds of wood in the forest so he have many kinds of that art that meaning was similar that why I choose him.



images-2.jpeg           thumbnail_20170601_100007.jpg


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