Product design FMP 03/25/17





I still do a research today is about  Typography is a type of letter that we use every day like in a computer, social media, book or advertisement and packaging. I choose typography to my research because I think it was important to know a type of letter that I can choose to be some part of my final model so other things that important is when they stay in any packaging how it looked like it looks good or not. In the example picture that I stick it on my sketch it has a normal typography that uses only black and white color or like graffiti style that can see paint on the wall so I prefer a graffiti one because it look more interesting and it stays on and packaging display it makes a demand for customer and product. For me, If I put a kind of typography I will do graffiti one and in the page, I try to do a graffiti style it looks like a letter will melt down so the effect that ice-cream was inspired me to do did and I like that kind of effect that something was melt. For me, typography was something that starts with hip hop culture and I like hip hop that why my research have to have Typography.


thumbnail_20170601_100546.jpg   thumbnail_20170601_100523.jpg



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