Product Design FMP 03/28/17



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Today I research about the era of packaging design around 1910’s – 2017. I try to research a packaging design in 1910’s for me it was very classic and it feels like old illustration when I look. I put three example picture that was different product one is a ketchup second is bottle of water the last one is a crayon colour so I think around 1900 – 1910’s packaging design quite similar that why I choose 1910’s and around 1910’s packaging they use it still dark like dark red, green or yellow for it look classic but not my favourite. In 1950’s  around this era packaging design was colorful and look like a pop art style they use a lot of contrast color and they create kind of cartoon character in they packaging so this era was my favorite and was inspire me for my final model.In my opinion, I think the brand owner was something to catch customer eyes that why they made everything bright and colorful.In my example picture it have many kinds of product first photo is car wash that has icon was a man who still clean his car and have a kind of how to use in front of they packaging so think it was help customer to know how to use next is a Sunbeam bread that have a cartoon that eat some bread I like a girl in the packaging she was so cute and I think colour was bright and contrast.



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