Product Design FMP 03/29/17


thumbnail_20170601_104327.jpg     thumbnail_20170601_104415.jpg

Today I did a research about Packaging in 2000’s style in this era was more character design like a cartoon but different than 1950’s I think because in 1950’s was look more classic but in 2000’s it look more modern but I prefer 1950’s more than. In 2000’s they use a lot of colors but the packaging was not beautiful in my example picture all kind of product it was a candy so I think target customer that was a child. In a packaging design so use a lot of contrast color that was I like but I don’t like a cartoon design in they packaging because it does not make me interesting but it look annoying. it so just only my opinion. In three packaging my favorite was a corn flake because It was about color and cartoon so they have like a free toy so I think children was like it.




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