New York Trip FMP 03/12/17



thumbnail_2017-03-13 02.21.19 1.jpgthumbnail_2017-03-13 02.21.18 1.jpg

Today was my first day that I arrived in New York so we plant to went to Empire State Building for my first research around 18:00 p.m we went there. In Empire State Building it had 102 floors so It was very high for me and someone who fear of heights will don’t want to come. The Empire State Building was impress me about a structure that how can they build very high building and view on the highest floor was very beautiful at night because in New York every shop or building was close very late so the light was bright and beautiful and second thing was make me excited because they have a film name KING KONG was filming in they so they use a short for Central Graphics or CG that a gorilla crawl in the building that I saw on a poster inside the building. When you come inside an elevator when it moving to a height floor it like I will come to the sky that was I like for the Empire State building.


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