New York Trip FMP 03/13/17



thumbnail_FB_IMG_1490003745835.jpg thumbnail_FB_IMG_1490003754201.jpg


Today I went to two museum name Guggenheim Museum. First museum that I went was Guggenheim museum in my opinion this museum a kind of art was abstract painting so artist that was put a lot of color on some of them I don’t know what they want to say I take many pictures of but I have a favorite was two art pieces was interesting me because it more color but style quite abstract painting. the first photo it looks similar to a chicken in the space that was my opinion so style was abstract about color was not too bright it quite pales just only black it dark but another color was quite pale. Next picture is a kind of splash color and when I look closely it I don’t really understand what the point of this picture but when I look in the third times it look similar like a firework when it in the sky. They use a lot of color especially  bright  color I like the way that artist paint for me use they an emotion to inspire a picture  because I similar like me when I paint my shirt or my shoes I will use my feeling I won’t use my mind to think so I think this picture was inspiration me.


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