New York Trip FMP 03/14/17




thumbnail_FB_IMG_1490004228010.jpg thumbnail_FB_IMG_1490004289077.jpg


Today I went to The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. This Museum has many styles of chair and product if I compare to a Guggenheim Museum this museum it more modern and have a lot of style of art not just painting so I like this museum more than. In this museum have many exhibitions but like a product exhibition because of it direct to my product so in my sketch book I have a two style of chair that was interesting me. First chair was unique chair it look like ‘Z’ alphabet it was made by woods  so style was minimal if I put in a white room and beige table but I think when I sit this chair it won’t comfortable and have a backache because when I see it a chair won’t have anything to support like a cushion but I still like this chair. Next is a 4 colors chair that was the same design but It has a difference color it has a dark shade and bright shade for me I prefer a bright shade it has a chair that has a red color that caught my eyes. It old chair for 100 years so it classic and it seems like China traditional chairs style.


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