New York Trip FMP 03/15/17




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Today I went to a MOMA or The Museum Of Modern Art Manhattan this museum was my favorite in all 4 museums that I been because it has a modern art, film, and style of shade and color that was shown inside. In my sketchbook, I have 4 favorite picture that I was taken inside the museum. The first picture was a light that has a 2 tone was yellow and white but effect that show on the wall it was an orange I like this because  it expect that light color can make something interesting but in a photo that I was take it colorless that a real one so it inspire me for my final model next one I like it because it use a contrast color that connects to my them ideal about color. In this picture, it looks like a rocket will going to the galaxy so I think it was different for other artwork because they put information how to make a rocket inside an art. The third was a chair but it quite short but the style was unique and curve style. It was made by wood I love a  style but when I sit maybe not comfortable the last one is my inspiration to do them a graphic it was a soup can by Andy Warhol before I went there I think it not too big but when I see a real thing it was big and beautiful so when I look at it have an energy that makes me feel excited and respect him.


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