New York Trip FMP 03/16/17






Today I went to Brooklyn Museum that was my last museum on this trip because tomorrow I will back to London so this museum it modern museum too but quite more interior design and they have a special exhibition it adult exhibition that was joint so I take a photo some of them so I have a favorite is artist put a lot of photos  and put it on together so shade was grey and white that not make this art pieces mean about sex too much but it have many pictures that more about sex so I think it not appropriate to put in my sketch or my blog. next one is a book a kind of illustration art so I think this book was quite old. I live the way that the artist use a color because of It quite more contrast and paper that artist use was it seem like brown or recycle paper so I think it was good to save the world. I like a picture that artist drawing it was beautiful and it connects to a book.





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