Product Design FMP 03/30/17



Today I research about packaging design in 2017. In this year packaging design was modern, function and more detail that make customer enjoy so when they use it to have more fun. I put a three example in the sketchbook first is a candy packaging this one was attractive me because color and character that they put in the packaging was so adorable that make a children interesting and they have a hold that you can see some example of a candy I think it was nice because some packaging they did illustrate was kind product so I love this packaging next one is a wine packaging that they have a dot style that you can play with to it know exactly finish picture it look like so I think it was genius by a reason of normally packaging of wine was a simple and look nothing so I think if many brands do something like this increase a product prices and make customer alluring to a product. the last one was I don’t know was kind of product they want me to put inside but it quite similar like when I put a sugar or maybe cook for me I think packaging was engaging and flashy so when you put something was similar like salt and sugar for me I normally confuses so packaging will help me and another reason is they use a contrast color that makes me interesting.


thumbnail_20170601_104506.jpg  thumbnail_20170601_104528.jpg


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