Product Design FMP 03/31/17





Today I research about a Geometric style. I research this style it interesting and I think when it styles with any product it makes that product look more interesting pattern that why I choose it. Geometric was a part of mathematics so I think it was all around me I can see in everywhere for example door , window etc. that I think if I create a packaging or product it Geometric that had an interesting pattern curious and also can make a art style normally that use triangle is popular shape to do a geometric style all this three picture I love picture number 2 because use a bright color and when I look at it for a few second it similar like 3D illustration art that why I choose this one is my favorite but artist not just use a colorful color but they mix it with black and white so I think it make this picture more 3D. other picture it seems too dark tone of pink, blue and purple for me it quite and hard to see so this one it not my favorite. The third picture they use a white background to make a triangle pop out because when use a black or white background when I use a bright color that drawing will pop out so I love this so I choose it and put it in my sketchbook.


thumbnail_20170601_104621.jpg    thumbnail_20170601_104725.jpg


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