Product Design FMP 04/03/17





Today I research about packaging design in 3 kinds of the product because I would like to know when they create a graphic with other kinds of the product how it was it like. The first example was a packaging from an alcohol brand name ‘Absolut Vodka’ I choose this one because I think the color was attractive me and a drop pattern was so beautiful and It does not look too messy in my opinion if this packaging can glow in the dark it will look fantastic. The way that they use a contrast matte color that makes prices of this bottle was an increase. Next picture was a chair that has alphabet to be a pattern but for a chairs design in my opinion was normal I think an owner want everyone interesting in their pattern design more than a chair design I like the way that put an alphabet inside the chair and they use a little contrast color to make an alphabet pop it out. The last one was a snack packaging that they use a geometric style and use all packaging was orange and the line was  white I choose this one because I like a shape and color that make interesting and if I buy some snack I will buy this one by a reason of a packaging was difference that other brands.


thumbnail_20170601_104811.jpg     thumbnail_20170601_104833.jpg


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