Product Design FMP 04/04/17




Today I research about Minimal style that was my last one I choose for them graphic I choose this because I think sometimes I have to concentrate something that colorless but make design of packing to make it interesting for me, not just a color that makes me feel excited but a kind of minimal style also make me feel excited too, for example, some packaging they use only black . white or gray but the design was attractive me too. In my example picture first photo was a packaging about bath & shower gel it makes me chose this one because a whole packaging was white but designer they design like character design that was so cute and use like orange and blue to be a point so I think it was not too messy. Next is packaging design of box that I think the color was so feminine I think if buy something for your girlfriend she will like it. I like when they put soft pink and white together it makes the product look more lovely. Last one was packaging of mike this packaging was exotic for me because of a design I like the shape of packaging that a ‘MILK’ so that I tell you before sometime color it not important but design made a product look more attractive and in my opinion if I use this one I will not throw it always I keep it in my kitchen to be a decoration.


thumbnail_20170601_104913.jpg thumbnail_20170601_104857.jpg


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