Product Design FMP 04/05/17




Today I try to create a print pattern by myself because I want to challenges myself how many print pattern I can create as much as possible. I create 6 patterns from the printer I will write only my 3 favorite and 1 less favorite so I draw a line by maker color pen in tracing paper as the reason of tracing paper was translucent so I want to know an effect with it on a normal A4 paper. I print that pattern I was creating more that 4 times for one example paper.The first paper it quite dark and have a little space between line this one is my less favorite by cause of it seem too dark and I print it too many times. The second paper it was my original paper that I draw a line on it because of it a translucent paper I need to draw a line around 2 times per color and color was bright that I suppose it to be.Third is a big photo and this one is my favorite when I look at it it similar to a tree it kind of messy but I like it when I print I didn’t recognize I to be a tree but when I will stick it in my sketchbook I look at it again so in my opinion it look alike tree. Last one it seems like a color wheel so I think it quite dark like the first example but I like when they show shade and tone.


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