Product Design FMP 04/20/17


thumbnail_20170601_105037.jpg   thumbnail_20170601_103206.jpg


Today I was thinking about a new pattern that I want to create for this pattern I design a drop pattern that it become from an effect of something are melting was inspire me because I think it was interesting to create something like this.First I have drawn a drop in a paper and I splash and drop a color on it make me feel in other effects that difference when it just stay only white paper so put a lot of color like green . blue and red together and I have drawn it look similar to a geometric style and color maker pen I want it to have a lot of colors stay it together that feel not bored  and have other effects. Next one is my drawing that I copy my paper but I put a color on because I want to see how was a difference when it on a real paper and drawing. A paper  I think it seems like a waterproof paper so when I drop a color it sticks on a paper but when I drop a color in a normal paper it was stick on and for color some color I drop it closely so it mixes together so it has other layer effects of this pattern.


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