Product Design FMP 04/21/17





Today I did a pattern design in a real product to see I a drop style it on a product how it looked like. First is a can that I put a tap before and this one is my favorite and after that I use a sandblaster to paint so when I remove a tap it have a new pattern that I like it I think this one will have a difference for another brand if they do it in a real life because it more 3D style normally it seem like 2D style and in a large picture that I print a pattern it seem like ribbon.Next is a biscuits box that I created the same pattern like drop style but I think this one it not my favorite because it has a pattern already so I think if I want to create a pattern design I would like to have not pattern on it before. For a sand blaster, it feels like a spray paint but no color to make it outstanding.




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