Easter Holiday 04/06/17 – 04/19/17



04/06/17  I went to London because an Easter Holiday to meet my family. We have many plants to do to together so I go to London by trains a price was more expensive than Saturday and Sunday. After that, I use an underground to go to my home when I get inside there a wall was noticed me because It’s kind like a mosaic and classic illustration so it makes me feel something classic that stay on a modern thing. I think it was good to have it to be my idea to research more about it.04/07/17 I want to a Nike shop first floors in Oxford Street. Inside a shop was interesting me because of pattern that they illustrate it was a kind of graphic especially a LED projector screen it’s so attractive and colorful so that was connected with my FMP.


04/08/17 we are still in the Oxford Street. I walk pass Karl Lagerfeld shop so a display of his shop was alluring for me by a reason of it was graphic, iconic and colorful so I think it was good to think more about it but I didn’t go inside a shop. For me, a display was important to make a customer interesting in their goods.


04/09/17 I take a picture of a street art it just a letter spray paint on the wall but I think it was interesting to see a street art because I need to create a pattern so maybe my final model it something of typography and street art or spray paint so it quite like messy, dirty and illegally to do think but for me sometimes rule it not important if you want to show you just show it.


04/10/17 Today my family we have a dinner at a Nandos is my favorite restaurant and another reason was a wall pattern it was so exotic because when I look beside it more 3D style and they use a geometric shape so I like the way that a woods connect together I think it look it another shape so they turn on the light that shadow was difference when they turn off the light.


04/11/17 Today when I walk pass a shop that I forgot what is the name of this shop but a thing was attractive me was a thing that they show is like an Indie or Middle East tradition pattern style so I think it did this pattern in a fabric that was so beautiful and I think they take a long time to do it but they didn’t use a lot of colors they use gold color to make this product interesting it quite like a minimal style tone but o lot pattern that was beautiful.


04/12/17 Today we have a lunch at Lobster restaurant a food was very nice but something that notices me more than foods was a menu because it was a colorful and use a lot of graphic styles. I like this one by a reason of I think foods was important but a little thing like a menu of restaurant or decoration. I think this restaurant was on point for me but the tone that they use was more warm tone so I want them to add more cold tone make they restaurant have many dimension to look more interesting.


04/14/17 My family and I went to a Princesses Diana. For me this place was beautiful and show a fashion of Princess I think it was beautiful and elegant so I like this one the most.



04/15/17 my family they came back to Thailand. 04/16/17 I came back to Cambridge. 04/17/17 – 04/19/17 I did my blog about Easter holiday and sketch book about research.




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