Product Design FMP 04/24/17




Today I did a Pyramid box net 2D to 3D style. It look like a packaging design so I think it was important to do thins one because for model before a final model I think I will I will do a box net by a reason of in my opinion it will difference for other people and I choose Pyramid shape because it one of a Geometric style and when it stick together it interesting so first I need to drawn a Pyramid shape to know how to fold a paper and next is stick it together side by side so when it finish it look like Pyramid so next page it a Pyramid shape too but I want it to look interesting so I stick a pink paper to cover a photo of Pyramid net box and write number in front to make everyone who looks in my sketchbook know which one they have to open first and other reason is I didn’t put any color this page  so I think if I do this make it look good. Box net is something that I can see it on foods paper box in some restaurant or cafe that they want to save the world.

thumbnail_20170601_105107.jpg    thumbnail_20170601_105138.jpg


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