Product Design FMP 04/25/17


Today I’m still doing a net box but I have many shapes of the net box I think it important to do more about research pyramid shape it has Square, Pentagon or Triangle because everyone doesn’t have only 1 style to create a shape you can’t do many shapes as you want. I stick all of Pyramid shape in a sketchbook and splash a color on it so background I use a black color to make a bright color pop it out I think it will soon interesting or maybe it messy but I like a messy think because sometimes I stuck with my work or something that I need to do so I look at that kind of art and I can move on. I use a marker pen to paint a Pyramid that because I don’t want it to be white and different from background but I when I look at it again I don’t like it at some point if I can’t change I would like to change to remove a tape out because I think it will look better.


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