Product Design FMP 04/26/17



Today I do a research about product or packaging that use a pyramid shape. Packaging that I was research from it a triangle shape so material normally from paper but some product was made from wood like a Jewelry box it attractive me because it can move and have many layers so I think it good and can keep ring or accessories for woman and another example is a paper so I think it was a candy packaging so it can open in many ways like beside or upper side that make it more interesting. My favorite is a Penguin packaging I think if sell a candy in this packaging for children it will be the best seller because of it so cute. It help me for ideal to make something similar because I really want to do something like this but I’m not sure what it product would like to be but I want to design a pattern of a chair so maybe I will use this kind of shape to put it on my final pattern for chair.4 of example picture was make by paper so I think easy to break with it stay with a water for me I will use a plastic because it stronger than paper.


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