Product Design FMP 04/27/17




Today I did an artist research her name is Yayoi Kusama she was a Japanese artist and writer. She was born 22 March 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture Japan. A precursor of the Pop art, Minimalist and Feminist art movements. Kasuma influenced her contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and George Segal and exhibited works alongside the like of them. On the left-hand side was her paintings it more colorful and kind of Pop art. In the opinion, I think she really loves pink because when I research in all of her works she will put pink color like hot pink in every painting or drawing. My favorite of her paint was a picture was a pink background and have a mushroom I think she was usu a lot of contrast and bright color that I like it. Next is Louis Vuitton window display & inside store collaboration with Yayoi Kusama That I think it has colorful she love a dots in every art pieces this one was interesting because of it more unique and modern so I think it good that she really love something and want to show something that she loves in her work. For me, this one is kind of abstract art that it hard to understand but I think sometimes it good that artist let us think what they want. The passing winter this one is something that we have to look inside a mirror box for I think this one we can’t judge someone only outside we have to look inside may be they will interesting and it like a minimal art.


Unknown-3.jpeg      Unknown-1.jpeg



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