Product Design FMP 04/28/17



Today I did a concepts design to be final product first one I would like to design is coat hooks on wall my concepts for this one is a drop shape it feel like when you melt something for example candle I think it will make this product was interesting because normally coat kooks it like a simple style and feel bored so I will paint a color on product. a design I use black to be a background by reason of it will make other colors brighter and interesting. Material that I want to use is wood or stainless I think it will make a product more strong because for me I hang a heavy bag, clothes, and towel so I think wood or stainless it stronger than plastic in the past in my room a coat kooks it was made by a plastic when I use just one or two times it broke maybe I hang a have thing but also a coat kooks not too much strong than I expect. In an example picture a product used a wood and stainless too for me it feels strong and hard to broke for color I use I will use black for a background that I told before and I will use brown and purple because I think brown and purple was a contrast color that I want it to be. Filing system tabs was my second concepts design I want to design thins one because I think many of this product was just only one color but If I design pattern on maybe it will look more interesting than the old version so I use a lot of bright colors to make it fresher and everyone want to use so I think my concepts will be not too hard to do if I want it to be my final product but for me some company maybe will not use my model so maybe it match in some company that who like a color and crazy design.




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