Product Design FMP 05/01/17




Today I still did a concepts design so this one was my third concepts was a letter stand I want to design this one because it makes me feel similar to a filing system tabs I want to create something that was anybody uses it and feel not bored and fresh. Pattern that I was to create it a drop or melting shape so in my drawing green was a main color because green is my favourite color and meaning of green it mean life and energy that I think if use green that will help people boots themselves but I need to choose tone of green that soft, easy to see and not too bright to use in a company. In an example picture, a material they use is wood so I will use a wood too but sometimes wood was too heavy so maybe I will use a plastic that more light weight and cheap. This product will not a too big size of paper maybe A3 to A5 then I want this product to be. Packing is interesting me too because it can make product more attractive to customer and it use a lot of graphics so in my sketchbook I did a research about packaging design because it important to know how different style of packaging in 1900 – 2017 so in this concept I want it to be colour as much as possible because I want this product to look interesting my inspiration it from packaging from Absolut Vodka because this brand was created amazing packing product so material that I want to use is a plastic that looks like glass because if I use glass it easy to broke and sometimes it dangerous for a children. I use a drop style to be my pattern again but this pattern it quite similar when you splash a color on the wall or paper.




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